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Big changes are coming to the world of ILL in 2013 

Linked Data for Libraries explained in YouTube video

OCLC’s YouTube video helps libraries understand Linked Data, how it works and how it affects users’ online search results. 

A short (15 minute) introduction to the concepts and technology behind linked data, how it works, and some benefits it brings to libraries and their users.

Upcoming OCLC WorldShare Management Services Demonstrations - 8/21 & 9/27

OCLC WorldShare Management Services provide a Web-based environment that streamlines cataloguing, acquisitions, license management and circulation, and offer a next-gen discovery tool for library users.

Standing apart from traditional ILS systems, OCLC WorldShare Management Services enable libraries to share infrastructure costs and resources, as well as collaborate in ways that free them from the restrictions of local hardware and software.

The top reasons libraries are choosing OCLC WorldShare Management Services:

OCLC adds Linked Data to WorldCat.org

OCLC is taking the first step toward adding linked data to WorldCat by appending Schema.org descriptive mark-up to WorldCat.org pages. WorldCat.org now offers the largest set of linked bibliographic data on the Web. With the addition of Schema.org mark-up to all book, journal and other bibliographic resources in WorldCat.org, the entire publicly available version of WorldCat is now available for use by intelligent Web crawlers, like Google and Bing, that can make use of this metadata in search indexes and other applications.

New OCLC Report for US Public Libraries: A Snapshot of Priorities & Perspectives

This new membership report, available for download, provides insight into public libraries’ priorities and initiatives, as well as public librarians’ thoughts on future use of the library and the make-up of library service points. The report also examines how public librarians keep current on happenings in the library field.

As noted in the report, most U.S. public library staff:

OCLC releases FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) as Linked Data

FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology), an enumerative, faceted subject heading schema derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), is now available as an experimental Linked Data service and is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License.

Introducing OCLC WorldShare

On Monday, OCLC launched the OCLC WorldShare Platform, a shared technical infrastructure that will support a growing number of OCLC services and applications. This platform will enable library developers, partners and other organizations to create, configure and share a wide range of applications that deliver new functionality and value for libraries and their users.

OCLC WorldCat Local adds A-Z and more

A new A-Z journal list feature now available for WorldCat Local gives library users even more ways to find the journal or journal article that they’re looking for. Users can now browse a library’s collections with an integrated A-Z listing of available e-journals, made possible by the WorldCat knowledge base. The A-Z list completes the OpenURL resolver functionality available for WorldCat Local libraries: inbound and outbound linking and the A-Z list are included at no additional charge to subscribers.


More WorldCat Local news:

OCLC Research Report Released: OhioLINK-OCLC Collection and Circulation Analysis Project 2011

OhioLINK-OCLC Collection and Circulation Analysis Project 2011

This new report describes a collaborative project between OCLC and OhioLINK that examined circulation in academic libraries, and includes an overview of data publicly available from the activity. The size of the combined collection and the number and diversity of participating institutions make this by far the largest and most comprehensive study of academic library circulation ever undertaken.

WorldCat Quality Report Release - New Report Points the Way for Improved WorldCat Quality

A new report released by OCLC describes OCLC's steps to make it easier to find itmes in WorldCat and get them from OCLC member libraries.

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