Try Historical Newspapers from ProQuest - Now Discounted through OHIONET

ProQuest is now able to discount their Historical Newspapers (HNP) resource to new public library and K-12 customers via OHIONET.  It's a great companion to the statewide Ancestry access.

Books in Print - Over 40% Off For OHIONET Members

Books in Print will be leaving the OCLC FirstSearch interface soon, and OHIONET has an opportunity to offer subscription access through Bowker at a highly-discounted rate for new subscribers - over 40% off the list price!

If you have not seen the new Books in Print on its native platform, make sure you take a look:
(trial login available on request).

OHIONET would like to get your feedback on this offer through a short, seven-question survey:

Teen Health and Wellness - Back to School 2010

Teen Health & Wellness materials for teacher and teacher/librarian \back-to-school\ packets are available.

You can preview the materials and download electronic files below. Or feel free to contact THW for printed material. Please specify what quantities of each you'd like, date needed, and mailing address.

Click to download the following popular Teen Health & Wellness materials:

The New Teen Health & Wellness

The amazing Teen Health & Wellness is now even more robust, more interactive, and simply more \amazing.\

New for Fall 2010:

  • Instant article translation into 50 languages, including Spanish; Video throughout, including student created PSAs (public service announcements)
  • Social Bookmarking; Health Calculators--Body Mass Index (BMI,) budget, blood alcohol content, more
  • Redesigned Home Page featuring user generated/student content, highlighting the Personal Story Project

Spring Preview for Public Libraries - Today's Feature: Career Resources and Test Prep

The Employment Report comes out on the first Friday of every month. What can you do to help your patrons from becoming next month's statistic? Try some of these sites to investigate new careers, get the inside scoop on an industry, plan to open a small business, or brush up on skills:

Spring Preview for Public Libraries - Today's Feature: Business & Finance and Legal Information

This tax season is wrapping up, but you can still take a look at these resources for ideas to support your patrons' business, finance, and legal information needs now.

Business and Financial Resources

Spring Preview for Public Libraries - Today's Feature: eAudio & Streaming Video

Content is king when it comes to your library website. If you are looking to build your website as a virtual branch, you need content for your patrons to acquire online. Try out some of these eAudio services in the Preview:

And don't forget to check out Streaming Video:

Spring Preview for Public Libraries - Today's Feature: Language Learning & Multicultural Resources

Thinking about adding an online language learning service for your patrons? Take a look at these resources in the Spring Preview:

Spring Preview for Public Libraries - Today's Feature: Reader's Advisory

OHIONET is proud to offer our libraries access to several of the finest reader's advisory options on the market as part of the Spring Preview for Public Libraries.

Save yourself some time today by using one of these resources to answer your patron's RA questions!

2010 Public Library Spring Preview

The 2010 Public Library Spring Preview is now available!

OHIONET has made arrangements with electronic resource vendors for this preview to run from now until May 15, 2010.

You may now access the preview at:

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